EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate - Animal Health

Use Sites

Animal Premise, Food-Handling, Grain Elevator/Bin, Indoor, Outdoor, Over or On Animal, Perimeter

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EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate is a broad spectrum insecticide that is OMRI listed for organic production. Its water-based formula can be used while animals are present. EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate’s fast knockdown formula kills biting flies and other ectoparasites to help reduce stress on your animals.

Primary Uses

  • Horn Flies
  • Face Flies
  • Stable Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • See Label for Complete List

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Features & Benefits
  • Contains pyrethrins - a botanical insecticide derived from chrysanthemums
  • Kills flies, mites and lice
  • Apply on or over animals
  • Fast Knockdown
  • For use in barns, dairies and poultry houses
  • OMRI listed for organic use

EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate FAQs

  • 1-pint bottle
  • 1-gallon bottle
  • 55-gallon drum

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The effects of EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate will be dependent on environmental conditions. An important step in controlling insects is to monitor the population. By monitoring, one can observe when population numbers of target insects begin to rise and use it as a sign that another application is needed.

EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate may be applied as needed to control flies on listed animals. For applications to other commodities, reference the product label.

EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate is OMRI listed while PyGanic® Specialty also meets all requirements for the USDA’s National Organic Program. Additionally, EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate can be mixed with oil for some applications while PyGanic® Specialty should only be mixed with water.

EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate may be diluted with oil when applied as a space spray to indoor areas. Dilute at the rate of 1 part EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate with up to 8 parts oil. Apply at the rate of 1 fl. oz. of diluted product per 1,000 cubic feet.

To kill flies on cattle, dilute EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate with water per label instructions for the fly species you’re targeting. Spray on cattle, wetting hair thoroughly and paying particular attend to topline, underline, flanks and withers. EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate may also be applied to areas around the farm for premise fly control.

When using EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate to control flies in poultry facilities, apply as a fog or fine mist over birds for maximum coverage.

There are no time withholding periods for EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate and its use before processing.

Yes. When using EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate to control mites and lice, it is not necessary to remove birds. Apply as a fog or fine mist over birds for maximum coverage, concentrating on crevices of roost poles, cracks in walls, and cracks in nests where the lice and mites hide.