Custom Solutions

Home and Garden Products

MGK® is committed to providing innovative products and services that meet the performance expectations of our customers and yours. We continually strive to develop advanced insect control solutions with novel product formulations, delivery systems and active ingredients specifically designed for the home and garden market.
MGK custom home and garden products are designed to help manage flying and crawling insects around indoor and outdoor residential areas.


Custom Products Formulated for You

At MGK®, we believe everyone has the right to manage insects in their living environment. That’s why we offer top-quality and cost-effective insect control solutions for the home and garden.
We formulate and supply chemical components and ready-to-market, preregistered formulations for residential use, designed to prevent and treat a broad range of insect infestations.
If you market products that help consumers eliminate flying, crawling or plant insects, consider partnering with the experts at MGK. We can help you offer an innovative and proven solution that will help you stay competitive in the marketplace while meeting the performance expectations of your customers.